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About Mary Mathis

Mary Mathis


I was born and raised in Canal Fulton, Ohio.
I am happily married and the proud mother of two sons (Alex and James).

My love for art started at a very early age. My mother often said "I was born holding a paintbrush in my hand". As soon as crayons and paper were in my possession, I began to create. That became my obsession and all that I wanted to do.

Growing up money was very tight, however I know that I wasn't truly "poor" in the way so many Americans are. I learned to create things out of nothing, using newspaper, cardboard and more. I found that my imagination could take me anywhere and that inspiration was all around me.

This has been my journey and my creativity continues on.

My wonderful husband David, has provided both support and patience for all that I have created. I cannot thank him enough and I know he is my greatest inspiration.

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